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Hi, thank you for visiting our site. We are in the process of updating the website, but you can still contact us below to get started on your Community Solar Subscription! 

We are also in the final stages of connecting two Solar Gardens to the grid Photos to come shortly! 

-The MN Community Solar Team

With MN Community Solar, you can now get solar power without having to install panels on your property.

A community solar garden is a large solar array where everyone can purchase subscriptions to clean, solar energy, right in their community.

Our solar gardens deliver reliable solar power to the electric grid, using Minnesota labor, Minnesota products, and Minnesota sunshine.

Anyone with an electric bill—a person, business, nonprofit, or municipality—can subscribe. When you subscribe, you pay less for your electricity.

Now you can save money by getting electricity made from Minnesota sunshine.

My husband and I have considered solar power for years, but probably would never have gotten over the hurdle of learning how to install and maintain it ourselves. I love that the solar garden is in my neighborhood.
— Lisa Nilles, Minneapolis

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We will follow up with you shortly to get more details about your energy needs and to answer any questions you have about MN Community Solar.  Thanks!

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